Hi. I'm Clair-With-The-Hair.

I used to run a business called TamarValleyGirl, helping small business owners with digital marketing and creating websites for them.

In 2019 I changed this to 2 new businesses: Plain Sailing and clairsites.

Plain Sailing is a business consultancy for people who are doing everything themselves and feel like they're making it up as they go along. If that's you, and you'd like to feel less alone and more in control, give me a shout at Plain Sailing.

clairsites are websites that actually do some work for you, not just sit there looking pretty. They attract an audience, get you leads, and sell things without you having to even push a button. If you want one of those, give me a shout at clairsites.

Check them out here...

Plain Sailing


It's not all work!

When I'm not sat at a computer screen or helping clients fix firm foundations for their business, you'll find me drinking craft beer, at a live music gig, or getting enraged about politics and feminism on Twitter.

If you want to chat, catch up with me @tamarvalleygirl.